Thursday, March 13, 2008

GIS 111 Ch 10 Selecting Features by Location

Selecting features by location using spatial relationship can be very helpful. If you wanted to map out an area where shopping malls or gas stations in Asheville NC you could use this to refine your search.

GIS 111 Ch9 Joining and Relating tables

This reminds me of doing database work, where you join related tables with same attribute. I start to understand this a little better.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

GIS 111 Quering Data and Generating Reports

I like Ch 8 querying data. I learn how to identify different features in neighborhood. Realtors can use this to their advantage. By looking up different property attributes, I was able to generate a report on specific information.

GIS 111 Georeference and Geodatabase

I'm writing about how difficult is to georeference a scanned map. I had got the control points down real well, and when I looked at the link table my RMS error was zero but map didn't even out with the image. Here take a look.